Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Change In Solar Eclipse Ionosphere Experiment

I have explored two alternatives to the radio jove solar eclipse experiment that I believe will result in more meaningful data about any ionospheric changes that might occur during the eclipse. Both methods deal with VLF and rely on standard radio transmissions which can be used as a control in the experiment. I have been extensively testing one system based out of Stanford and in conjunction with the SARA group and still connected with NASA...which monitors sudden ionospheric disturbances (SID). I am very impressed with the results and the design of the experiment. Unfortunately my equipment for the Jove experiment seems to be inadequate as is the experimental design. Being self-funded I have to carefully choose which experiments I will conduct during the eclipse that will have success of supplying useful scientific data. I am changing to the VLF SID experiment. We are all after the same thing...we just take different roads to get there. All approaches to solving a problem in nature are viable...some just work better than others.

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