Thursday, August 3, 2017

Picture of the Eclipse with a Cellphone

Several people have ask me about taking a picture of the eclipse using a cellphone. There are several problems that arise. The first is if you do not have a proper solar filter covering the lens of the cellphone camera during the partial phase DO NOT try it.!!!There is a very good chance that you will fry your cellphone camera's detector. However during totality, when you remove your solar glasses, you can attempt to take an image of the eclipsed Sun. The second problem is one of focal length. Below you see two images of the taken with a cellphone at maximum zoom the other image is taken with a 600 mm focal length lens...both with proper solar filters attached...guess which is which?? Go ahead an try you never know what you might capture! Some cellphones have great zooming capabilities. Try zooming in on the Moon this week to see how big an image your cellphone camera can display. 17 days until the eclipse!

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