Saturday, August 26, 2017

My goal fulfilled!

A 26 year goal has been reached

Added bonus

I can not express my happiness that my goal has been accomplished. I saw a total solar eclipse with my children. Wow!


The reaction to totality is one of emotion and excitement. To see a hole in the sky where once was the Sun is to say the least...unnerving. The corona, unable to be captured by camera as it is seen with the human eye, has a living quality. Some cry, some think about the insignificance of terrestrial problems...others contemplate the vastness of space and time...still others sense God and are comforted. Everyone has a reaction to this spectacular celestial event. Here you can see and hear the reaction just prior to, during and post totality from some of those who witnessed the event. The perspective is from the observer and not what was observed.

Waiting for first contact

The excitement starts building as first contact approaches. People are milling around. Children are playing and everyone is wondering what the big deal is...nothing seems to be happening. All that changed as second contact approached...the sky looked weird...that colors weren't right...the wind stopped and the temperature started to decrease. 

My talk the night before the eclipse

Base camp area
The night before the eclipse I gave my talk to an estimated crowd of over 350 people. They were still walking into the area just before I started. My talk was well received and many of the participants come to my set up area during the eclipse to express their appreciation for the talk. After the talk it started to rain in fits and starts but soon the night gave way to clear skies...however the wind picked up and was blowing into the cloudless sunrise on eclipse day. The locals called it but a breeze...I called it fortuitous for it blew away the clouds
Some of the attentive audience before my talk


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Diamond Ring and Flash Spectrum

Here is an unprocessed image I capture on the Corona Camera yesterday. It not only shows the Diamond Ring but also a flash spectrum! More about the expedition to follow.

Mission Accomplished!!!!!

Mission accomplished!!! The primary goal of this expedition was to see a total solar eclipse with my children... everything else was a distant second. We all made it to the base camp in Douglas, WY safe and sound. Here is a preview of what was going on just before totality. I will be posting more on the blog in the next couple of days.
The complete Papa's Great American Eclipse Expedition crew

Monday, August 14, 2017

7 days until the eclipse....Equipment Packed and Ready to Travel !!!

One week from today and the Moon will eclipse the Sun! All the equipment is packed and ready to travel. The expedition leaves for base camp in 3 days. Everyone is very excited and ready to go. Last minute provisions are being acquired...we are going to be self contained as the center line locations should be pretty much maxed out.